Sunday, November 10, 2013

Master Biscuit Maker

I am a Marketing Manger for a Bojangles' Famous Chicken and Biscuits franchise in Atlanta. Our made from scratch biscuits sets Bojangles' apart from other fast food chains and it is an extensive process that is very detailed with several steps. Upon being hired at Bojangles' (no matter the position) you have to do time on the biscuit station. Enjoy the next few pictures of my time as a master biscuit maker. I was covered in flour from head to toe but I made some pretty biscuits!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oscar Turns One!

Until February 2013 everyone knew Brooke Brookins was not a fan of animals. I didn't necessarily dislike them, they just didn't have to touch me, sit on me or be around me. Growing up we had hunting dogs, chickens, goats and pigs but I was never really attached to any of them. I saw them as just animals and that was that. 

Long story short, I am now the mother of the most precious 12 lb. Maltese-Yorkie you will ever meet-Oscar also known as "Boogie". This was the most inopportune time for me to get a dog as I am getting married this year but something struck a chord in my heart and I knew I had to have him. 

We've had our up's and down's over the past six months including numbers accidents in the house, nibbling you anytime you touch him and destroying every toy he owns but I've loved every minute with him. He's taught me patience, unconditional love and is basically like my child! He has the best personality and is so smart (don't all mom's say that?). 

Please enjoy the photo montage of Boogie as we celebrate his first year of life! I can't wait to share many more together. 

Model Pose

Wind-blown look

Who me?

Snuggle/cuddle time

Bath time=bad hair day

Dislikes Costumes

Happy Birthday Boogie!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Herb Garden

What a great weekend project! I found this pallet at work and have been staring at it for 3 months going back and forth on what to do with it. I decided an herb garden would be a perfect fit for this small pallet and my quaint back porch. 

Wooden Pallet
Pluming Pipe Clamps
Flower Pots
Plants of your choice

The process is very simple and the photos are self explanatory but I will give the step by step process :)

Drill the pipe clamps into the pallet and position them as you like. I love symmetry so I wanted mine to mirror each other but staggering them would be cute too. One screw secured these but two may be a good idea if yours is in a high traffic area or where winds may blow it. Next, pot the plants of your choice with new soil and give them a good watering. I chose the basic herbs, cilantro, rosemary, thyme and oregano. I also threw a flew flowers in the mix to add a little color. Slip the pots in the pipe clamp, tilt the pallet at an angle and you are good to go. Simple as that and it looks so cute! I don't have a green thumb but I hoping this little garden last me several  years to come. Total cost minus the pallet- $40.